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Applies to selected pure Silk, Bamboo viscose, or superfine Merino underwear in our range.
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Treasured for thousands of years, pure silk is soft, smooth and luxurious, It's also very practical and ideal for sensitive skin. Silk is a natural insulator, providing thermal warmth in cooler temperatures. Its also perfect for hot weather. Highly breathable and moisture wicking, it releases heat and moisture into the air to keep you dry and comfortable.

New Zealand Nature clothing is made from ‘filament’ silk where the long, natural threads are directly unwound from the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm. The length of a single thread unwound from a cocoon can be up to 900 metres in length! It is recognised as the highest quality silk. This versatile, knit fabric is incredibly strong and durable relative to its lighter weight. It retains its shape, is (gentle) machine washable and quick to dry.

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  1. Women's Silk Nightshirt
    SKU: 10200
  2. Silk Sleeveless Top
    SKU: 10001
  3. Men's Silk Singlet
    SKU: 10407
  4. Women's Silk Long Underwear Top
    SKU: 10600
  5. Silk Sleep Separates - Camisole
    SKU: 10205
  6. Silk Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve Top
    SKU: 10002
  7. Silk Classic Camisole
    SKU: 10400
  8. Men's Silk Long Underwear Top
    SKU: 10601
  9. Silk Sleep Separates - PJ Top
    SKU: 10206
  10. Silk Classic Tank Top
    SKU: 10000
    Special Price £17.95 "Turquoise" TO CLEAR Regular Price £29.95 "Turquoise" TO CLEAR
  11. Men's Lightweight Silk Boxers
    SKU: 10406
  12. Silk Gathered Camisole
    SKU: 10402
  13. Silk Sleep Separates - 3/4 PJ Pants
    SKU: 10204
  14. Women's Silk Turtleneck
    SKU: 10003
  15. Silk Full Briefs
    SKU: 10404
  16. Women's Silk Long Underwear Leggings
    SKU: 10602
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Items 1-16 of 26

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