Block Dock Soap & Shampoo Bar Holder

Kiwi ingenuity! Every soap or shampoo bar stored in a Block Dock shower accessory will dry faster, last longer & stay tidy. Makes "Giving up the Bottle" (liquid soap and haircare) so much easier!

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No more soggy soap! NZ Made.

Eco friendly Bathroom and Shower Accessory, designed and made in New Zealand!

Every soap or shampoo bar stored in a Block Dock shower accessory will dry faster and last longer, leaving no Mush behind! Makes "Giving up the Bottle" (liquid soap and haircare) so much easier!

With this ingenious bathroom accessory, you'll make less waste, have less mess, and get more washes from every bar. You won't find a better bar soap holder. Your Block Dock will pay for itself and then save you money.

Made in New Zealand from powder coated aluminium with a pvc suction cup. Dimensions: 8.45cm wide, 5.6cm tall and 4.3cm deep and weighs just 29 grams. It fits bars up to 3.8cm in depth – the shortest side of your bar.

Place your bar at the front of the Block Dock when new, let it lean to the back as it changes size and shape with use.

This Block Dock is a good fit for Ethique shampoo and body bars, Ecostore shampoo and conditioner bars, Mia Belle haircare and body bars,  Dear Heart Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap, Aveda Shampoo, Sunlight soap, Nectar and Ama Balm shampoos and conditioners, and and most other bars (except the very big and chunky ones) from when they are new and until their very last sliver.

Your soap bar holder comes by default with a pvc suction cup for mounting to surfaces that are smooth and non-porous (acrylic, glass, mirror, vitreous china, many smooth tiles but not all).  Wet the back before adhering. Suction cups won't stick to rough or porous surfaces, like textured tiles or paint because they can't form the vacuum needed to work. 

Installation & Care

  • When new all bars should be placed at the front of the Block DockTM soap dish. As they change size and shape with use, let them lean to the back.
  • Block Docks do their best ‘no-mess’ work when wall-mounted to smooth surfaces where residue can run to a drain. They are perfect for shower walls and the insides of baths, basins and sinks, including oval and round shaped ones.
  • The suction cup should be inserted through the keyhole at the rear of the Dock and pulled tight into the top section.
  • The suction cup WILL adhere to glass, mirror, vitreous china, steel, acrylic, and most smooth tiles.
  • The suction cup will NOT adhere to textured tiles, paint, and other porous surfaces because it cannot form the vacuum needed to work.
  1. Clean the suction cup and the surface you want your Block Dock to adhere to. Use isopropyl alcohol if needed and it is suitable for your surface.
  2. Wet the back of the suction cup with water and place it in your desired location. Press hard on the head where you want it to stay. Check the whole of the suction cup is flat against your surface and stays put. Give it some time to be sure it has adhered.
  3. Slip your Block DockTMaccessory over the head of the suction cup, pulling it down to fit tight in the top of the keyhole.
  4. Add any bar or other contents suited to the accessory you have.


About Block Dock

Clare, the creator of Block Dock, made it because, as much as she felt switching to bars really mattered, she couldn't stomach the soggy mess that came with them.

Block Docks are made in Dunedin, New Zealand because that's good for our economy, and good for the carbon footprint too. Orders are picked, packed and dispatched by Recycle South (formerly Southland disAbility Enterprises) in Invercargill, where the money we spend makes a difference. 

Bar makers are making traction - selling online and at local markets. They make choosing and using bars simple. Pretty much everything you use or desire is waiting for you as a bar, handmade somewhere by someone. The solid bar market is booming, bars are the better choice once again. Led in many ways by Ethique, and by New Zealand's brand darling, ecostore. 

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